We launched this business in the Summer of 2016 after some fabulous advice from the ladies at Potstop in Knebworth.

We have always loved the idea of running our own business, being creative and being our very own bosses to work around our little humans.  We have four between us, two boys who are in the same year at school, another little boy who gets all of the bigger boys hand-me-downs and the token girl who has all three boys eating out the palm of her hands.   We are just two mummies, who happen to be friends, who took hold of an opportunity and decided to run at 99 MPH with it.  The other 1 MPH is spent drinking tea!


Carrie & Jen x 

Jen is our magic weapon when it comes to the creativity side of the business.  Always thinking up new product ideas, always researching new techniques and always has a cup of green tea nearby.  She’s also our chief faffer.


Jen Prints & Bows
Carrie Prints & Bows

Carrie gets things done!

Queen of To Do Lists she keeps on top everything from diary management through to social media posts. She is a whizz on the laptop and loves to edit those tiny prints ready to put them into silver. 



P&B wouldn't be as much fun without some friends that have helped us along our way. 


As well as the lovely ladies at Potstop, we have so much love and support from local businesses in Knebworth who keep us going and are our biggest cheerleaders.

Most of the images on our website have come from local businesses including AJ Burrows Photography, Wil Collins Photography and Jellett Photography. We've been lucky beans to have some talented people behind the lense.  

A very good friend, Danny Edwards, designed our logo & created our branding and we have had so many compliments on it, we owe him a lot.  And the brilliant Barb from A Bird From Abroad makes all of our gorgeous packaging from expertly cut card which we love using to put the finishing touch to all our pieces.  The talented Sarah at Dare to Dream Digital designed our website for us and made it super user friendly for people to buy directly from us!


Make sure you click on their websites below.  And, let's not forget all those family & friends whose support & love we value so much. 

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AJ Burrows Photography
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Dare to Dream Digital