This is our P&B Inkless Wipes kit for our Imprint Range.  These get sent out as soon an order with prints is submitted, complete with details as to how to take them.  


These can also be brought seperately which can be gifted to someone to then go on to choose their own piece of bespoke jewellery. 


For information, please see below:


This kit contains two sheets of paper and one sachet of inkless wipes.  This should be more than enough to capture your perfect print.  


The inkless wipe is wiped across the hand or foot and then pressed onto the inkless paper.  We will mark which side to use with a small ‘x’.  As if by magic, as soon as you release the hand / foot the print will start to develop.  Do not open the wipe until you are ready to use it.  Once opened it can be folded and re-used a few times but will dry out quickly.  The inkless wipe will feel dry to the touch.  



  • Make sure that the hand or foot is clean and dry
  • Remove the wipe and wipe across the hand or foot making sure you completely cover the hand or foot
  • Take extra care not to touch the paper when you have been handling the wipes as your print will also develop on the paper – you may need two pairs of hands if you are capturing prints of a small child!
  • Using the side of paper with the cross the hand / foot onto the paper.  Keep still so you don’t smudge the print!  We recommend using a firm board underneath to help manoeuvre the paper 
  • Ensure all fingers / toes are pushed down!
  • Lift the hand or foot away carefully and watch the print develop
  • You will be able to fit multiple prints on the sheet of paper.  We will then choose the best print to use & will seek your approval where necessary
  • Your part is done – please get in touch with us & we will arrange the next steps for you.  No two prints are alike so rest assured your print will be one-of-a-kind